Safety Nets

En1263-1 Safety nets are a system to protect workers falling from height.  In most cases it should be possible to rig the safety nets in such a manner that there are no gaps larger than 1 square of the mesh 100mm.  In certain localised circumstances this may not be possible due to the steel fabrication or apertures in the way.  In these circumstance a maximum of 225mm gap can be accepted as a FASET standard. The safety nets are fixed either by 30kn tie ropes maximum 2.5m centres or metal hooks (lion Hooks) / (NetClaw) 1.5m maximum centres.  Maximum 10% sag is permitted once the safety net as been rigged.  Pro Net GB Ltd as a company are a full member of FASET and there riggers hold FASET/CSCS accreditation also IPAF (International Powered Access Federation) licence.


  • Using powered access (MEWP’s)
  • Using footed ladders (maximum 4.5m)
  • Remotely (Remote Attachment Devices)

Note: FASET do not recommend the use of scaffold towers for rigging or de-rigging safety nets under normal rigging conditions.

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