FASET Safety Net UV Testing

Because safety netting is required to withstand the impact of a falling body, it is essential that these products adhere to the strict industry standards for testing and repairing provided by FASET.

Safety nets are generally composed of polypropylene which can be negatively affected by ultra violet light. Over time, these safety nets can succumb to UV degradation or other types of damage such as abrasion, cutting or weaknesses due to contact from hot materials.

Pro Net GB Ltd provide a safety net repairs service covering all damage from UV degradation, hot materials, or abrasion to the repair of knotless safety nets, which may be repaired for further use, according to the FASET regulations.
Safety net repairs services offered for knotless safety nets include permanent laced patch or single strand repairs, border rope repairs, C-ring repairs or temporary on-site repair support. The customer’s safety is paramount and Pro Net GB Ltd are committed to ensuring that nets are repaired to an exceptionally high standard in the event of any damage occurring.  For testing or net repairs contact Scott Perry 01405 817557 Ext 1

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It is required that polypropylene safety net repairs are tested within the space of 12 months before they are used to guarantee compliance with the minimum strength requirements specifed by the manufacturer. All nets will be tested according to the definitive standards set out by FASET.

All Products must comply with BS EN 1263-1 which means:

  • Minimum strength of rope edge – 30kN
  • Mesh size – 45mm, 60mm or 100mm
  • Minimum energy absorption – 4.14kj

A detailed inspection is carried out on each net before and after each use and any safety net repairs carried out are logged. The status of any net on contract can be provided instantly to the hirer. Details include:

  • Certificate of Conformity
  • Date of Manufacture
  • Annual Test Results
  • Summary damage repairs carried out
  • Historical hire data for each net

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